The Client

Incentive Plus offer a wealth of social, emotional, behavioural, mental health and well-being resources to help raise the achievement and fulfil the potential of young people of all ages. Their products cover subjects including Resiliency, Self-Esteem, Anxiety & Stress, Mindfulness, Anger Management, Social Skills & Confidence, Life Management and Mentoring.

The Brief

Following the success of our work for Loggerhead Publishing, we were commissioned to re-design the e-commerce site for their sister company. Incentive Plus were seeking a striking, fresh-faced, user-friendly online presence that would be welcoming to the breadth of individuals who would land there in the future. In addition to this digital makeover, the project involved the complex task of data migration of over 1600 products from the existing website.

The Solution

E-commerce website design (WordPress + WooCommerce solution)

Our e-commerce sites utilise Wordpress and WooCommerce (currently the most popular e-commerce platform, powering over 28 per cent of online stores). This impressive combination provided plenty of creative flexibility and a variety of customisable options. Building on the world’s most popular CMS also future proofs this website for many years to come.

This was our second project with Space Five – we received the usual professional service that we've come to expect and are extremely satisfied with the end result!

Sarah McAllister, Incentive Plus

The Outcome

Incentive Plus’s new improved website has been a great success and has received very positive feedback from our client. Going forward, the Incentive Plus team can easily take charge of their online presence, managing orders, updating pages and uploading new products as and when required.

With a clean, contemporary look, Incentive Plus visitors can easily navigate from arrival to checkout. In addition, our client feels safe in the knowledge that the entire website is robustly secure and fully supported by our Wordpress maintenance plan.

If you are looking for an e-commerce website design, we have the technical skills and creative aptitude to get you noticed. We have worked with companies in the area including Buckingham, Bicester, Brackley and Northampton. Call today on 01280 460017 for a free quote!

Incentive Plus web design by Space Five Creative