The Client

Baby First Aid are an exciting start-up business serving a life saving purpose – to equip new parents, grandparents and carers with essential first aid knowledge. They provide affordable 2-hour group courses, for just £20 per person – for a lifetime of life saving skills.

The Brief

The promise of the digital world can be alluring for a start-up, but without the right website and digital marketing, fledgling businesses can soon flounder.

Our bespoke websites for start-up companies know how tough the online world can be. To be truly effective, an online presence must consider more than aesthetics. It must get to grips with solid SEO structure, serve as a marketing tool and connect with an audience that it understands.

Baby First Aid approached us as their current set-up on Facebook, along with its manual booking system was anything but efficient.

“We love our new website, it’s eye-catching and user-friendly, providing us with a fantastic booking system which saves us a lot of valuable time.”

Anna Leeksma, Director, Baby First Aid

Baby First Aid web design by Space Five Creative

The Solution

Bespoke website design | Booking system

The role that Baby First Aid play is a vital one – and to drive it home we chose high contrasting colours, bespoke imagery and focused on a clear user journey designed for conversion.

Bright and bold brand colours were used, while essential information was presented for visitors who may arrive seeking plenty of guidance before forging ahead with a booking. We incorporated their Facebook feed and ensured that every page, every technicality, was SEO-friendly.

The website also provides a completely automated booking system – guiding visitors quickly through the booking process.

The Outcome

The resulting website is sharp, vivid and welcoming. It considers the questions and journey of every type of visitor, while the online booking system has freed up our clients for more important things – removing them from admin and allowing them to focus on business growth.

Baby First Aid web design by Space Five Creative