The new year has begun, and for many businesses it’s the perfect time for a rebrand. This can mean different things to different people: for some, it’s changing the font and colour of their logo; and for others, it’s a complete overhaul of their name, image and brand ethos across every marketing platform they use.

Rebranding for a business is a big decision, and one which we take very seriously at Space Five Creative. Your brand is your company’s identity – the face it puts out into the world, and often the first impression you give new customers – so it’s got to be right.

When we carry out a rebrand for you, first of all we understand what you’d like to achieve – whether it’s a small, subtle change, or a major revamp. We work with you to get to the heart of what you want to do, and then we look at your business’s big picture, discussing every instance where you’ll want to use your new brand. We want to ensure that not only does the final product reflect you and your business, but also that it’s as versatile as you need it to be, working for your business cards, stationery, fleet livery, leaflets, your website – wherever you need it to go.

We’ve recently delivered the branding for two businesses at very different stages; here’s what we did for each of them.

The Rebrand: Stack & Jones

We were recently commissioned to carry out a full rebrand for accountancy firm Stack & Jones, based near Bicester, in Oxfordshire. They had an existing website and logo, but wanted to update their image to give it a more contemporary edge, that would capture and epitomise their professionalism, while still keeping their brand recognisable.

We worked with them to redesign first their logo, and then their business cards, stationery and a Christmas card that went out to all of their clients, incorporating the new logo and announcing the rebrand – which is a great way to introduce this level of change. The new logo will also be used on their upcoming website redesign, which we are also creating for them. We’re looking forward to seeing their new brand in action.

The New Brand: Honest Blends

Based in Buckinghamshire, Honest Blends is a new company, with two branches – Honest Tea, and Honest Gin. Their ethos is the creation of products with only the finest natural ingredients – with none of the plastic elements which can be found in many teabags, and none of the sulphides which can lead to nasty gin hangovers. As a new business, they wanted their brand to reflect both the purity of their ingredients, and the sophistication of the final product.

We held an initial meeting with owner Dee, at which we focused on understanding the Honest Blends brand and ethos. Based on everything we learned there, we offered several initial concepts for her feedback, which we then further developed based on her preferences to come up with the final result.

We were very proud to receive this testimonial from her:

“Space Five Creative have been brilliant, professional and provided a great customer experience. They have helped our company with our branding for both our tea blends and our gin blends which has assisted with bringing our products to life. One customer said the branding had allowed a traditional drink to be young. The branding and labelling gets positive comments at all shows and events we participate in. Highly highly recommend Space Five Creative.”

Dee Lockhart, Honest Blends

Branding – whether it’s for a brand new business, or one that is seeking a new look – is a task we always relish. If you’re ready to talk to us about your rebrand, give us a call on 01280 460017 for a free quote – we’d love to help you find your 2020 image.